Wedding Packages

Prepared by Master Chef Jan Gromada
* please call us for package pricing and availabilities


  • Includes: service, coffee and tea
  • 3x appetizers
  • Choice of Soup
  • Main:  (3 protein) chicken, beef, pork and/or fish
  • Choice Salad and Slaw
  • Choice of side
  • 10x platters cold buffet (fruit platter included)
  • Assorted pastries


  • Includes: service, coffee and tea
  • 2x appetizers
  • Choice of Soup
  • Main: (2 Protein) Chicken, Pork or Beef or Fish
  • Salad and Slaw
  • Choice of side
  • 5x platters cold buffet (fruit platter included)


  • Includes: service, coffee and tea
  • 2x appetizers
  • Choice of Soup
  • Main: (2 protein) Chicken, Pork or Beef
  • Choice of side
  • Plus choice of one Salad or Slaw
  • Choice of side
  • Fruit platter

Menu Items


  • Bacon wrapped plums
  • Stuffed mushroom caps with pork and chicken
  • Prosciutto with olive and cheese
  • Spanakopita
  • Bruschetta
  • Zapiekanki (toasted bread with mushrooms and onions)



  • Stuffed chicken breast with ham and cheese
  • Stuffed chicken breast with spinach and ricotta
  • Stuffed chicken breast with asparagus and cheese
  • Chicken roulade with asparagus with white cream sauce
  • Chicken leg with spinach and ricotta
  • Chicken leg with mushrooms
  • Chicken leg with apricot and cheese


  • Pork loin in hunters’ sauce
  • Pork roulade with mushrooms
  • Pork roulade with veggies
  • Pork with mushroom and sauerkraut
  • Pork with pepper and bacon
  • Pork with ala Gievont (with Oscypek (special smoked Polish cheese) and butter


  • Roast Beef stuffed with horseradish with mushroom sauce
  • Beef Roulade with pepper and bacon
  • Beef Roulade with veggies
  • Beef mini roulade with pickle, bacon, onions
  • Beef roulade with mushroom and onions

Veggies / Sides:

  • Baby carrots with honey
  • Yellow beans with sliced almonds
  • Cauliflower with butter
  • Broccoli with butter
  • Brussel sprouts with butter
  • Steamed mixed vegetables
  • Roasted baby Parisienne potatoes with butter and dill
  • Boiled potatoes
  • Rice with vegetables


  • Caesar salad
  • Greek Salad
  • Garden Salad
  • Spinach salad
  • Spring mix salad with bean sprouts and sliced strawberries
  • Spring mix with bean sprouts and manadarin oranges


  • Leek and apple slaw
  • Celery root with apple and carrots
  • White cabbage with apple and carrots
  • Pepper (red, green, yellow) with tomato and cucumber
  • Red cabbage with apple onion

Cold buffet:

  • Assorted fruit platter
  • Greek Style Fish
  • Crab salad with baby shrimp and avocado
  • Lobster salad in lobster tails with avocado
  • Chicken Salad (Head lettuce salad with diced chicken and pepper)
  • Broccoli salad with crab meat and baby shrimp
  • Shrimp cocktail in pineapple
  • African style salmon
  • Japanese style herring
  • Herring kebabs
  • Stuffed tomatoes with ham and green peas
  • Stuffed tomatoes with chicken salad
  • Eggs wrapped in ham
  • Eggs with smoked salmon with capers or black caviar
  • Cheese porcupine with grapes
  • Cold cut kebabs
  • Prosciutto porcupine with olive and cheese
  • Chicken pate with tartar sauce
  • Duck pate with tartar sauce
  • Pork pate with tartar sauce
  • Chicken souvlaki with tzatziki sauce
  • Escargot in puff pastry
  • Scallops wrapped in bacon
  • Breaded shrimp
  • Crab legs
  • Mosaic of salmon and white fish in gelatin
  • Jellied Chicken
  • Jellied Ham Hock
  • Steak Tartare
  • Jellied Pork Chop
  • Jellied Pork Neck

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